4 keys to a best-in-class software project

Projects fail at a consistent and alarmingly high rate. However a new study offers some hope. It has managed to isolate 4 factors that are the difference between successful and failed projects.

The four factors that can make a project a success and a best-in-class are:

  • Control requirements change
  • Employ highly skilled people with good functional knowledge of the application domain
  • Use tooling effectively
  • Provide good project leadership

That’s according to a new study of “the Best and Worst in Class” projects from Quantitative Software Management.

Can you add any other factors that you feel play just an important if not bigger role in the success of a software project?

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0 thoughts on “4 keys to a best-in-class software project

  • August 2, 2005 at 11:33 am

    If a successful project entails delivering bug free code within the given timelines, the first and foremost decisive factor are the estimates. Go wrong there and there is very little that the team, however highly skilled, can do.

    Though there might be little clarity in requirements while writing proposals, the guesstimates of an experienced leader make all the difference when the project work actually begins.


  • August 1, 2005 at 2:15 pm

    Networking, Interpersonnel, Managerial and Tecgnical skills are the ones which, if u carefully read the market, are in high demand; and these skills sets are not asked in isolation. people with the right mix of these skills are the most sought after.


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