New OccamJ claims to be the fastest free application server

Beyond Browsing, an enterprise systems development company, announced today the release of their free application server OccamJ
(OAS). OccamJ is a pure java object server designed to meet the growing requirement for an application server that offers
vastly reduced compile times for larger projects, and a greatly reduced developer learning curve.

The OccamJ website claims that it is the world’s fastest free application server.

After achieving resounding
success in the field of movie animation with a major Hollywood Studio, Beyond Browsing has made the OccamJ server available
as a free download at

Beyond Browsing is seeing enormous success with OAS through its
utilization at a major Hollywood studio. Retained to analyze the
internal server architecture, Beyond Browsing identified a major
limitation in the structure of their EJB servers. Subsequently, Beyond
Browsing conceived, built and implemented a much faster and more
efficient alternative server and OAS was born. OAS replaced an existing
EJB application server, resulting in huge developer productivity gains
for the Studio, reducing compile times by 70% and dramatically
improving runtime performance.

By simply serving Java Objects without the complexity of CORBA or the weight of entity beans, OAS offers a pure Java
alternative for multi-tiered applications. OAS is highly scalable and
supports multi-processor servers avoiding the complexity of clustering.
It also offers multi-threading and re-entrant object support. OccamJ
supports most major JDO implementations for persistence including
Versant and Solarmetric and provides plug-ins for Borland JBuilder and
Eclipse. Multi-platform support includes: Linux, Microsoft Windows,
Solaris, and MacOS X. OAS is available at

Source: Beyond Browsing Press Release

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0 thoughts on “New OccamJ claims to be the fastest free application server

  • August 16, 2005 at 11:48 pm

    The new application server ‘OccamJ (OAS)’ seems to be new to the application server market but it is still remains suspected that how the enterprise may adopt that beyond it features, also the current players are at a rapid pace to add additional capabilites for their application server’ s performance.

    In this scenario the newly arrived OccamJ (OAS) may have to meet the requirements like portablility with the other servers so that the adoption can be made easy.

    On the other hand, the speed of any sever depends on the performance of the Operating system so it also a major issue.

    If this is a case, then what abuot JBOSS !! it is also a Opens source Application server playing a major role in open source platform and some small enterprise .

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