JBoss encourages migration from other J2EE application servers

JBoss today introduced the JBoss Migration Program to meet growing
demand from enterprises to move from costly proprietary application
servers to the open source JBoss Application Server.

According to BZ
Research, JBoss AS is used by 34.8 percent of enterprises that leverage
application server technology, making it the most widely used
application server in the industry. The new migration program offers a
standardized assessment and implementation methodology to ensure that
enterprises can readily migrate their applications to JBoss AS and take
advantage of Professional Open Source to realize total cost of
ownership savings.

“JBoss is seeing growing demand from enterprises wanting to move away from vendor lock-in, expensive software licenses, costly maintenance fees and punitive annual audits common to proprietary application servers,” said Brad Murdoch, vice president of services, JBoss, Inc. “With this new migration program, JBoss is enabling more enterprises to follow in the footsteps of current JBoss customers and realize the benefits of enterprise-class open source software, services and tools while enjoying significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to commercial software.”

The JBoss Migration Assessment includes a standardized methodology for preparing an enterprise migration roadmap to streamline the migration process to JBoss AS. This specific set of processes and procedures for evaluating customer environments ensures the most cost-effective and efficient migration process. In addition, JBoss will provide a customized set of tools to support the migration, as well as course material to train in-house administrators and developers and maintain productivity throughout the process.

Source: JBoss Press Release

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