New Eclipse Data Tools Platform Proposal – Approved

The Eclipse Foundation and Sybase have announced approval of the new
Data Tools Platform (DTP) project proposal. Submitted by Sybase in
February, the DTP project will provide a comprehensive set of data
management frameworks and a representative suite of data management
tools, which are essential for data centric application development.

“The DTP Project will be an enabling technology — the platform upon which more extensive data management products will be built,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Sybase is a recognized leader in data management and data tooling, and the Eclipse community will benefit greatly from its leadership on the new Data Tools Platform Project.”

The DTP Project recognizes both the common need for data tooling infrastructure and the desire to extend the offerings in new and innovative ways. Initially the DTP Project will contain the following three projects, and emphasize relational data sources and structures:

  • Model Base — Provides the foundation for DTP, using industry best practices such as model-driven development with UML, and taking advantage of the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Initially included are models for driver definition, database definition, SQL and SQL Query
  • Connectivity — Includes components for defining, connecting to, and working with data sources, which include: Driver Management Framework, Connection Management Framework, JDBC connection support, Data Source Explorer, and Open Data Access.
  • SQL Development Tools — Provides frameworks and tools for deep and broad SQL support, including: Routines Editor Framework, Routines Debugger Framework, SQL Query Parser, SQL Execution Plan Framework, SQL Editor, Visual SQL Builder, Results View, and Script History.

“Sybase has been involved with Eclipse since early 2002 and is fully committed to it as a framework,” said David Tong, vice president of engineering, Sybase. “We are excited about the Data Tools Platform Project and how it will allow developers to stay ahead of the curve by enabling real-world development across a host of mixed software and hardware environments.”

Additional members of the Project Management Committee on the DTP project include IBM and Actuate. For more information on the Eclipse DTP project, please visit:

Source: Sybase Press Release

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