NetBeans takes the J2SE route – Jumps to version 5.0

The next NetBeans release will not be version 4.2 but NetBeans 5.0. The Netbeans 5.0 Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Sep 2005: NetBeans IDE 5.0 Beta Release
  • Nov 2005: NetBeans IDE 5.0 Release Candidate
  • Dec 2005: NetBeans IDE 5.0 Final Release

The reason given for this for sudden jump from 4.2 to 5.0, by Judith Lilienfeld in a post to nbusers is “There is so much new and cool stuff in the next version as well as the opportunity to sync us up with the J2SE version number that NetBeans 5.0 just seemed like the way to go. We will have the release of Matisse, plug-in/NetBeans Platform development support, new CVS, profiler, support for JBoss, Weblogic, Struts, JSF, new code completion, error stripe, editor hints, code templates, background scanning, many new refactorings, new Tools | Options, ant debugger, xml editor improvements, module manager, JSP and HTML palette…whew… “

A beta release of Neteans 5.0 is expected shortly.

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