BEAWorld Update: WebLogic goes further

Here’s a quick look at the significant developments at BEAWorld so far

  • Formation of a Global Management Alliance that aligns seven top management software vendors with BEA to simplify management, improve operations and reduce downtime of mission-critical applications based on WebLogic Server 9.0, together with BMC Software, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, Mercury Interactive, Motive, Quest Software, Symantec Corp. and Wily Technology Inc.
  • BEA WebLogic Server is the first J2EE Application Environment to Support Apache Beehive, Apache XMLBeans and the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. This blended framework approach is designed to let developers write to one or more open source Java frameworks, helping to turn frozen IT assets into enterprise liquid assets.
  • BEA also announced the availability of customer support for the Spring framework, as well as certifying Spring for WebLogic Server.
  • BEA Introduces WebLogic Real Time Edition: Industry’s First and Only J2EE Application Server Designed to Deliver Predictable Real-Time Application Responses to Enterprise Applications


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