JBoss building base in India

Only recently JBoss opened its first office in India and JBoss now seems to be working at building base in India. JBoss and Satyam today announced a preferred partnership in which Satyam becomes JBoss’ first certified Indian system integrator (SI).

Satyam is an IT Consulting Services Provider with over 20,000
professionals providing customized IT solutions for companies in
several industry sectors.

As a certified SI, Satyam will offer application development to
enterprises building and deploying solutions on the JBoss Enterprise
Middleware System (JEMS(TM)), an open source application platform that
includes the JBoss Application Server, Hibernate, JBoss Portal and the
JBoss jBPM workflow engine.

IBM, Oracle and BEA have had a significant presence in India for a long
time and have partnerships with various IT services companies in India.
Interest in JBoss has been more at an “enthusiastic developer” level. However it looks like that’s changing.

Source: JBoss and Satyam Press Release

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