Java Standard Edition 6 Released – Enhancements for Web Services, Web 2.0 and Scripting

Java SE 6 software claims to make development easier, faster and more
cost-efficient and delivers enhanced functionality for web services,
dynamic language support, diagnostics, and desktop applications.

Java SE 6 technology is now, more than ever, an extremely strong
platform for both developers and vendors and the NetBeans IDE is the
best way for developers to leverage all the new functionality in the
Java SE 6 release. With expanded dynamic language and web services
support, the Java SE 6 platform is optimized for building Web 2.0
applications and services,” said Rich Green, executive vice president
of Software at Sun.

“Moving forward, the OpenJDK(TM) project will
define how Sun’s Java SE implementation evolves, and we look forward to
working even more closely with the developer community on the next
version of the Java SE platform.”

The Java SE 6 software helps
accelerate developer innovation for web- based, dynamic and online
collaboration applications by including a new framework and developer
APIs to allow mixing of Java technology with dynamically typed
languages, such as PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript(TM) technology. Sun
has also created a collection of scripting engines at: and pre-configured the Rhino JavaScript
engine in the Java SE 6 platform. In addition, the Java SE 6 software
includes a full web services client stack and supports the latest web
services specifications, such as JAX-WS 2.0, JAXB 2.0, STAX and JAXP.

Java SE 6 platform provides expanded tools for diagnosing, managing and
monitoring applications and also includes support for the new NetBeans
Profiler 5.5

The Java SE 6 release delivers significant
improvements to the desktop, which enable Java applications to
integrate even more seamlessly into the end- user experience. For rapid
visual development of interactive applications, the Java SE 6 platform
includes a new layout manager component, based on the NetBeans GUI
Builder (formerly code named Matisse). The Java SE 6 software also
provides enhanced support for the upcoming version of Windows Vista.

Information and technology downloads for the Java SE 6 release are available at:

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