Sun Invests Into Python On Java VM – Hires Jython Developers

James Gosling, Vice President and Sun Fellow announced today as part of his keynote at Sun Tech Days in Sydney that Ted Leung, author, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) member and long-time Python developer at the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF), and Frank Wierzbicki, lead implementor of the Jython project (Python on the Java VM), will become Sun employees this month. They’ll be working full-time on Jython and in particular paying attention to developer tools.

Sun has clarified that this move doesn’t mean that we will be paying less attention to our efforts around other environments, including Java technology and Ruby. With contributions to the Ruby, JRuby, and Rails communities, Sun has also recently offered tooling support in the NetBeans IDE as well as optimized runtime environments in GlassFish (JRuby) and Solaris (Ruby). Sun thinks that the Python technology is worth investment and attention and we hope to become a member of the Python community and learn from the experience.

Sun is a platinum sponsor in the upcoming PyCon 2008 conference and has recently submitted, for consideration, an application for membership in the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

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