Backbase Enterprise Ajax for Java Introduces Free Community Version

Backbase has released Enterprise Ajax 4.2 for Java, a new Java version of it’s standards-based RIA framework. This new release claims to offer a complete Ajax solution for Java developers, with support for all popular Java frameworks, including Struts, Spring MVC and Java Server Faces (JSF). By extending existing Java frameworks with a strong and standards-based RIA alternative, Backbase enables the Java community to compete successfully with proprietary RIA technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex.

Backbase Enterprise Ajax 4.2 for Java allows Java developers to be a lot more productive with Ajax.” Says Dimitra Retsina, Development Manager at Backbase. “With 4.2 we made another significant step to create a complete client + server RIA framework for the enterprise Java community. With Backbase Java Developers can quickly develop standards-based Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with their existing skill sets” .

  • Free Community License : Backbase 4.2 for Java is delivered with a new Community License. The new license allows for free development and deployment up to 2 server-CPUs per company.
  • Data Services : The new Data Services makes it easy to populate Ajax widgets with data from a Java server with absolute minimum programming effort. It connects to the data binding mechanism of the Backbase Client Framework, and transforms XML raw data into Java Data Objects for easy manipulation.
  • JSF Edition : The JSF Edition hides the complexities of client-side JavaScript development and offers a rich set of Ajax-based JSF Components. Backbase JSF Edition 4.2 uniquely integrates Enterprise Ajax Client Widgets, allows for Progressive HTML Enhancement and adds support for 3rd-party Ajax client widgets such as Google gadgets, YUI widgets, and more.
  • Struts Connector : The Struts Connector 4.2 takes fully advantage of the new Backbase Data Services for data binding to Backbase client widgets. The new version also includes support for Struts 2.0. A newly updated sample application is available on the Backbase Developer Network.
  • Spring MVC support : Spring MVC users can get started quickly with Backbase Enterprise Ajax and use all the Backbase Client Framework technologies. In addition to that Spring MVC developers can leverage the new Data Services for data binding. .A newly updated sample Spring MVC application is available on the Backbase Developer Network.

Click here for a detailed list of Enterprise Ajax 4.2 for Java features. Click here to download Backbase software.

All Ajax development can happen serverside using Backbase

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