Canoo UltraLight Client 08 To Simplify Building Web Applications

Canoo has released UltraLightClient (ULC) 08, a library to build rich web interfaces for business applications. The new release claims to simplify the development and deployment of web applications.

New features in UltraLightClient
08 are :

* easy project setup using a wizard for Eclipse
* generates an end-to-end application skeleton from a predefined data
* high-level component to simplify the development of forms
* improved data types
* sortable ULC tables by default
* data binding
* easy and central configuration of application parameters and options such as look and feel and deployment
* easy deployment

Business Web Applications for Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers spend many hours of their working day using web applications for business critical tasks. Many web users are tired of sluggish performance coupled with sequential, page-based interfaces. UltraLightClient ’08 is a fast and robust way to build better business web applications.

The Canoo development library offers a proven single technology approach for building responsive web applications. User interface elements such as tabbed window panes, sortable tables, or drag and drop interactions and keyboard shortcuts as well as faster response times are key factors to improve productivity.

The final version of UltraLightClient 08 is available for download at the Canoo product website. A license costs 1299 Euro per developer and includes free runtime distribution for any number of servers. A free evaluation license may be obtained for 30 days.

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