eXo Social leverages OpenSocial for Enterprise Social Software

The idea of eXo Social is to leverage, in the enterprise, the power of Social Networks. To facilitate this, eXo Platform has developed this solution using Open Social standard, embedding Apache Shindig in its platform. Using this approach, enterprises can deploy in house a social network solution, and use all the features of eXo Platform Portal, Enterprise Content Management, collaboration tools in a secure way.

One of the exciting features provided in the integration of Open-Social/Google Gadget with eXo Platform is not only the fact that you can drop a Gadget into any eXo Portal page, and eXo WebOS desktop, but more important in the enterprise: the eXo Platform becomes an “Gadget Enterprise Repository”. Administrators and developers have two ways of registering Google Gadgets into the eXo Application Repository:

– Register a remote Gadget, in this case the administrator, point the repository to the public XML document

– Develop and Store the Gadget code into the eXo JCR directly. The interesting part here, is the fact that developer and administrators can also push and edit new version of the Gadget directly in the repository using WebDAV.

The gadgets are registered in the eXo Application Repository allowing administrator to control access to the different gadgets that could be used as said before on a Portal page in a portlet, on the WebOS, but also in a new “Dashboard Portlet” providing a personalization experience similar to iGoogle/Netvibes.

Video of eXo Social at Google Dev Fest

In other News from eXo Platform-

A new release of eXo Java Content Repository (JCR) (release 1.10) with these new features:

– Amazon SimpleDB Storage: allowing customer to run eXo Platform on Amazon EC2 in a very efficient manner, see SimpleDB Storage technical documentation. This feature complete eXo support for Amazon deployment that contains already a Amazon S3 storage for the JCR.

– Powerful clustering and replication capabilities, see technical documentation

In addition to the new JCR, eXo has also released a new version of its core Web Service component with some very exciting features around AJAX/CometD. eXo has for its own products, created a Javascript Framework to help people with Cross Domain issues, this works perfectly with another new feature, the Comet Cluster. The Comet cluster allow an application to leverage multiple Comet servers to push information to multiple clients.


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