State of Jakarta Commons

I just read that JEXL 1.0 has been relased and so as usual had a quick look at the state of Jakarta Commons.

Jakarta Commons today is perhaps the single most useful project for J2EE developers. I don’t think there is any J2EE develoepr who either directly or indirectly hasn’t been affected by the power of the Jakarta Commons components.
Only about 6 months back, my book on Jakarta Commons named “Pro Jakarta Commons” was released by Apress and it pleases me greatly that I was the lucky one to write the first book about the project. I spent a lot of time fiddling with the various components and tried my best to cover all those components that I thought were useful and ready for the real world.
However new projects have been recently promoted from the Sandbox to the Commons Proper and the earlier projects have got a little better. Its quite tough to keep up with all the happenings at Jakarta Commons..I better download JEXL 1.0 and try it out soon.

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