SOA What???

Have u heard of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? The wise men say "As u SOA so shall u reap" So you better start using the term SOA right away. Ensure that every third statement u make has the word and u would be cool at least for the month of Sep 2004.

This is the time to use to term, before everybody realizes that the term is one of the many silly jargons that float around the IT world for about a year and then vanish into thin air. If u r late to the party u will sound clicked and boring… So strike while it is hot and start using SOA.  

I was recently at JavaOne 2004 and had a face quite a barrage of this three letter word. When I came back, I just had to write about SOA and other things at JavaOne 2004. Check out JavaOne 2004: SOA What? at

A reader comment to this article says this about SOA "It’s non-descriptive and obfuscates any discussion, guaranteeing that time gets wasted trying to define it beyone the obvious meaning."

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