Tsunami and Earthquake Relief. Your contribution matters!

Although tsunamis and earthquakes isn’t quite the subject of this site, we are featuring this article so as to do our little bit towards helping those affected in the tsunami and earthquake that has struck Asia. This blog is a compilation of information, resources, relief funds and ways in which you can help. We at IndicThreads are contributing to the prime minister’s relief fund and we encourage you to contribute to any such reliable fund or organization.


Tsunami and Earthquake Relief: Your contribution matters!

As most of you would know, a tragic earthquake followed by multiple tsunamis have wrecked havoc in Asia. Although I am in India, I was fortunate enough to be 100s of miles away from the affected areas.

However there were millions who were not so lucky. Indonesia, Srilanka and India have been most affected by the quake and the casualties are in the thousands. Almost the entire population of tribals living on some of the Andaman Nicobar islands is believed to have been wiped out.

Help is urgently needed in all these countries and so the following is a collection of links to sites and organizations through which you can donate / help the tsunami affected. I am sitting in India and so have stuck to reliable Indian sources as well as international ones. However help is as much needed in Srilanka and Indonesia as it is in India. So if anybody familiar with these countries is reading, please add links to relief funds from these nations as comments to this item and I will later add them to the main list.

You contribution can make it a happy new year for both yourself as well as someone in the tsunami and earthquake hit areas.

** Although it is important that you donate and help the tsunami victims, please watch out for fraudulent links and funds that will appear online over the next few days. So before you pay online ensure that the site is Verisign secured or if you are paying through check / drafts, ensure that you are dealing with a reliable agency.

** Also check if the organization is recognized for tax exemption in your country. While the Prime Ministers Relief Fund will get you a 100 % tax deduction in India under Section 80G, most other Indian funds will get you 50% deduction under the same section.

Relief Funds:

Government Relief Funds:

Funds created by various newspapers in India

Funds created by popular TV Channels in India

International organizations and their relief funds

Other organization funds

More information on Tsunami and Earthquake:

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    Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
  12. USA Today: Tsunami Kills Thousands in Asia
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  14. A Survey of Great Tsunamis : How have tsunamis affected humans?
  15. The Tsunami Warning System : How are people in coastal areas warned about tsunamis?
  16. Tsunami Hazard Mitigation : How can you protect yourself from a tsunami?
  17. ABC News: Tsunami Disaster
  18. University of Southern California: Tsunami Research Group

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    Isn’t this a Java site? So what is the sense in posting this secular communal nonsense we anyway have on Indian TV all the time.

    If you know that some organizations misappropriate funds, provide facts to back your statement. Your saying that RSS is behind something or that RSS is anti some religion doesn’t make it true.

  • December 31, 2004 at 1:09 am

    Thanks for this informative page on Tsunami Disaster Relief agencies. Do you know any agency which collects old clothes for distributing amongst poor people in India?

    Thanks again


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