JRockit Delivers Record Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Performance

Today, Oracle announced that Oracle JRockit Java Virtual Machine (JVM) achieved record performance for a four socket Intel-based system on two SPECjbb2005 benchmarks, an industry-standard measurement of server side Java-based application performance. Both results, achieved on Dell PowerEdge R900 servers with Intel Xeon processors, beat similarly configured Sun JVM SPECjbb2005 benchmark results; demonstrating the performance capabilities of Java-based applications running on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle JRockit integrates technology from Oracle Fusion Middleware and BEA Systems and illustrates the rapid progress that Oracle is making in combining technologies from the two companies into a unified product offering. The Oracle JRockit family of products, key components of Oracle Fusion Middleware, provide a comprehensive portfolio of Java runtime solutions that includes the industry’s fastest solution for standard Java. Oracle JRockit JVM is a high performance Java Virtual Machine developed to help ensure reliability, scalability, manageability and flexibility for Java applications. Oracle JRockit enables a new level of performance for Java applications at significantly lower costs to the enterprise.

SPECjbb2005 (Java Server Benchmark), developed by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is a benchmark for evaluating the performance of server side Java. SPECjbb2005 evaluates the performance of server side Java by emulating a three-tier client/server system, with emphasis on the middle tier. The benchmark exercises the implementations of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, garbage collection, threads and some aspects of the operating system. It also measures the performance of CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy and the scalability of shared memory processors (SMPs).

“This latest set of benchmark results further demonstrates the unrivaled performance of Oracle JRockit and how we are working to provide our customers superior results on their hardware platform of choice,” said Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. “Oracle JRockit continues to beat the competition hands down, delivering a new level of reliability, scalability, manageability and flexibility for Java applications.”

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