Managing & Monitoring BPEL Infrastructure

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) has become a technology of choice for business process orchestration. Companies have already invested a lot in BPEL and have a vision to expand and catch up with changing trend to integrate business processes. The service levels of these processes become crucial for business and for that you need a reliable BPEL infrastructure and other system components.

Managing and maintaining this whole ecosystem 24×7 is a nightmare for administrators. To effectively manage the QoS of BPEL processes it is imperative to manage all components of BPEL infrastructure, partner links, process lifecycle, backend database, and middleware components. In this session Madhav Sathe presents the architecture of the BPEL engine and the manageability aspects of the entire infrastructure and services.

Speaker: Madhav Sathe is a Senior Product Manager at Oracle, working on middleware management. His areas of expertise are Product Requirement Doc, Market Requirement Doc, Product evangelism, Competitive analysis and Product lifecycle management. He has contributed to several international publications and his technical expertise are in enterprise Java, SOA, and IT management solutions.

This session was held at the 3rd Conference On Java Technology held in Pune, India.

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