Inside Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit LogoAnirudh Dewani looks at What is the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)?, the GWT architecture, JRE emulation & IDE support. He also looks at GWT Modules, Optimized JavaScript, Direct Http/JSON – RPC/ Server Side Support. He develops a GWT application highlighting GWT capabilities, including its support for unit testing and internationalization.

Anirudh Dewani is with Google Relations team since April 2008. His main interests are Google Apps, Google App Engine, Google APIs, Java, J2EE, AJAX and web toolkits like GWT, Dojo etc. Previously he has been working on Enterprise Java and middleware/integration technologies like JMS, Web services, XML-RPC as well as open source frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. He has also been involved with Unisys on platform engineering for a 4GL.

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