HTML 5 & WebSockets Are The Future Of The Web

Sidda Eraiah Session On Websocket Comet & HTML5Sidda Eraiah looks at innovations in the HTML5 specification that will forever change the direction of the Web, and one in particular – WebSocket – that is expected to revolutionize the way we develop and deploy Web applications.
Until now, bi-directional browser communication has been an elusive goal of the Comet community, usually achieved with an assortment of hacks. With recent updates to the HTML5 specification, developers can now utilize a full-duplex communications channel that operates over a single socket.

The HTML5 WebSocket enables communication from the browser to any TCP-based back-end service (for example, EJB, JMS, IMAP, Jabber, Database, and so on). For example, it is now possible to avoid convoluted architectures simply to channel certain protocols over HTTP to browsers, and instead deploy Web applications without the need of a traditional Web server.

The speaker provides an overview of HTML5 WebSockets and SSE, and will also discuss trade-offs between emerging de jure standards (such as HTML 5’s WebSocket and SSE) and de facto Comet standards such as the Bayeux protocol. The session also covers the server and network architecture that powers WebSocket applications and how it impacts current Java EE deployments and architectures. Specifically, attendees will be introduced to the technologies and requirements required to deliver high performance and scalable WebSocket/Comet Web applications, and most importantly, the pitfalls they may face in the process.

Expected audience: This session targets anyone interested in streaming data over the Web to build solutions such as financial trading, betting, games etc… and are looking for something that goes beyond, way beyond, simple chat examples.


Sidda Eraiah is Director of Management Services at Kaazing. Sidda has over 17 years experience in software development and has worked extensively on creation of development tools for Java EE, BPM and SOA technologies. Prior to joining Kaazing, Sidda worked as a lead developer at Oracle for 12 years developing successful products for Enterprise Applications development at Oracle: Oracle BPM Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle ADF, JDeveloper, and Oracle Forms.

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