Java and Microsoft .NET Interoperability With JNBridgePro 4.1

JNBridge has released of the latest version of its core product, JNBridgePro 4.1. JNBridgePro connects Java and .NET Framework components and APIs together with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins that remove the complexities of cross-platform interoperability.

JNBridgePro 4.1 adds support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), allowing developers to:

* Embed WPF components and controls directly into Java applications that are written in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), or Swing.
* Embed Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) widgets and controls written in AWT or Swing directly into WPF applications.

“Embedding controls, such as Java GUI widgets inside Microsoft WinForms, or .NET WinForm controls into Java applications, is a popular feature of JNBridgePro,” said Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge. “Custom GUI controls can be costly, either in development time or purchase dollars. Customers appreciate the ability to retain their current investments when building GUI applications for the other platform. Adding WPF embedding capability to JNBridgePro allows our customers to integrate all the rich media features that WPF offers, such as 3D graphics and video, with traditional user interface controls and applications.”

JNBridgePro connects Java and .NET Framework-based components and applications together with simple-to-use bridging tools and adapters that remove the complexities of cross-platform interoperability. JNBridgePro provides fast access to anything Java from anything .NET and anything .NET from anything Java, including EJBs, J2SE, J2EE, AWT, SWT, Swing, Microsoft .NET APIs, Microsoft ASP.NET, WinForms, SharePoint Server, and now WPF. Developers can explore Java or .NET Framework-based classes to quickly select which classes to integrate, and then JNBridgePro builds proxies that are callable from the other side.

“We provide graphics-intensive software for pharmaceutical companies for their critical research and development activities,” said Alfred Nehme, Director of Application Development for CambridgeSoft. “Using JNBridgePro, we’ve been able to integrate our .NET Framework-based GUI with Java. With the WPF support that is now included in JNBridgePro 4.1, we can extend it to include WPF components. By working with JNBridge our organization knows we can easily provide solutions that incorporate the latest graphics technologies available in either Java or .NET.”

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