TestComplete 7 Features Script-Free Automated Test Creation

AutomatedQA has released TestComplete 7 featuring script-free automated test creation and major upgrades to increase usability. TestComplete is a automated software testing tool used by companies around the world to increase software quality and reduce the cost of QA and software testing.

TestComplete 7’s enhancements improve ease-of-use for entry-level testers and expand on its versatile capabilities enjoyed by experienced users. It includes keyword testing, for powerful script-free test creation, and uses automatic name mapping to easily keep up with software development changes. The new edition shortens the learning curve for new users and provides more power and control over the automated testing process.

“TestComplete 7 makes automated testing easy for anyone. It’s a must-have when you need to simultaneously lower costs and do more testing to keep up with fast-paced development releases,” said Drew Wells, AutomatedQA’s Chief Technology Officer. “Features like our new script-free keyword testing, centralized start page and simplified project interface put automated software testing in reach of any level tester. TestComplete 7’s new features and great usability gets QA teams up and running fast.”

For advanced users, TestComplete 7 recognizes objects within Qt applications and enhances support for Flex, Flash and Silverlight testing. It adds Telerik ASP.NET controls to the long list of supported third party components it recognizes. TestComplete 7 also introduces support for Internet Explorer 8, new automated testing for Microsoft Windows Mobile / CE applications and integration with Bugzilla bug reporting.

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