Will Oracle Buy Lead To Migrations From MySQL To PostgreSQL?

When it comes to open source databases the two most obvious choices for the past few years have been MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL has been the more prominent one, with far higher adoption than PostgreSQL.

MySQL was bought by Sun Microsystems last year, however that had not led to any major discussions in the open source community about migrating from MySQL, perhaps because Sun too had a culture of open source software. However Sun was recently acquired by Oracle and Oracle is widely perceived as a proprietary company with little involvement in the open source movement. This has led many to contemplate migration from MySQL, as they think that MySQL no longer will be a good and truly open source database alternative.

Already we have seen the emergence of The Open Database Alliance which will comprise of a collection of companies working together to provide the software, support and services for MariaDB, a community-developed branch of MySQL. However when users consider moving away from MySQL, the prime open source contender to take MySQL’s place would be PostgreSQL. Is PostgreSQL poised for phenomenol growth? Will people stick with Oracle MySQL or move to a fork like MariaDB?

There are a couple of comparisons available at WikiVS and Postgresql.org that talk of why you should use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. Is the MySQL community buying the PostgreSQL story?

Harshad Oak

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