Dive Into Grails Web Application Development

grails-google-app-engineGrails is one of the many web frameworks for the Java platform. However it shines through by its ability to use the best ideas from the Ruby on Rails world while at the same time continuing to leverage the tried, tested and trusted Java platform as well as established frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. With Grails’ tight integration with Java, Groovy based features, growing popularity and improved support from IDEs, Grails looks poised to become the RAD framework of choice for the Java platform.

This session takes you through the features of Grails, it’s working and how Grails utilization of meta programming and coding by convention can get you major productivity boosts as compared to traditional Java web applications. It also discusses how Grails is today a viable option for enterprise Java applications and why companies should look beyond normal JavaEE approaches to web application development.

Harshad is the founder of Rightrix Solutions and editor of IndicThreads.com. He is the author of 3 books on Java technology and several articles. For his contributions to technology and the developer community, he has been recognized as an Oracle ACE Director and a Sun Java Champion.

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