Test Management Software NI TestStand 4.2 Released

National Instruments has released NI TestStand 4.2, the latest version of the company’s test management software for developing test and validation systems. This version is designed to significantly reduce test development time and costs through enhanced integration with test modules written in almost any programming language. NI TestStand 4.2 features improved integration with programming environments such as NI LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI software as well as Microsoft .NET and scripting languages such as Perl, Python and Tcl.

“Averna is enthusiastic about the release of NI TestStand 4.2,” said Jean-Yves Allard, vice president of research and development for Proligent products at Averna, a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for test engineers. “With its improved support for multiple programming languages, this new release will facilitate the integration efforts for both BIST and instrumented functional testing. Customers of Proligent, Averna’s test engineering platform based on NI TestStand, will benefit from a faster and seamless software development environment for test engineers. Once again, NI TestStand demonstrates its value as the most advanced COTS test executive available on the market.”

The latest version of NI TestStand offers faster deployment of LabVIEW code to help engineers further speed up their development process and generate deployment versions of their NI TestStand systems. It includes automated LabVIEW code validation to help developers write high-quality code modules faster. NI TestStand 4.2 also features LabWindows/CVI memory leak detection, which simplifies LabWindows/CVI code debugging and memory leak identification to further streamline test system development.

Additionally, the latest version of NI TestStand gives test system developers more control over multicore processors with the ability to specify processor and core affinity for threads. If using a multicore processor, engineers now can control the distribution of threads generated by NI TestStand and optimize the performance of their software for various multicore architectures.

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