What Are The Top Causes Of Poor Software Quality?

Dr. Bill Curtis in an article on Internet.com lists the top five causes for poor software quality.

He says that “Poor quality is not an inevitable attribute of software. It results from known causes. It can be predicted and controlled, but only if its causes are understood and addressed.”

According to him, the top five reasons why poor software quality is commonly seen are-

1. Lack of domain knowledge

2. Lack of technology knowledge

3. Unrealistic schedules

4. Badly engineered software

5. Poor acquisition practices:

He concludes by saying that “In well run software organizations testing is not a defect detection activity. Rather, testing should merely verify that the software performs correctly under a wide range of operational conditions. By understanding and addressing the top five causes of defects, quality can be designed in from the start, substantially reducing both the 40% of project effort typically spent on rework and the risks to which software exposes business.”

Read the entire article.

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