Parasoft Releases SOAtest Full-Lifecycle Quality Platform

Parasoft has released SOAtest, a full-lifecycle quality platform for ensuring secure, reliable, compliant business processes and understanding how tests pass through heterogeneous systems.

SOAtest is built from the ground up to prevent errors involving the integrated components—as well as reduce the complexity of testing in today’s distributed, heterogeneous environments. Parasoft SOAtest continuously validates all critical aspects of complex transactions which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between.

“With much greater pressure to increase productivity throughout the SDLC, clients have depended on Parasoft SOAtest to bolster quality for their business applications,” said Wayne Ariola, VP of Strategy for Parasoft Corporation. “Doing more with fewer resources has always been a challenge, yet today’s economy has distinctly highlighted many counter-productive business practices used in testing. Parasoft SOAtest’s main goal is to produce reliable, reusable test artifacts that alert users when changes impact the quality of business applications.”

Application Behavior Virtualization

Evolving applications in a distributed environment and across multiple teams is a complex endeavor due to the interdependencies between the system, system availability and business processes. Parasoft SOAtest automatically virtualizes the behavior of applications, then deploys (stubs) them across multiple environments— streamlining collaborative development and testing activities. Application behavior can be emulated from functional tests or actual runtime environment data.

Load and Performance Testing

Parasoft also extended its load testing capabilities. It enables you to track performance throughout the SDLC—so you can discover and resolve issues before they become a problem. Existing end-to-end functional tests are leveraged for load testing, removing the barrier to comprehensive and continuous performance monitoring.

Streamlined Collaborative Workflow

Achieving business system quality is a collaborative effort that involves many different participants across the organization—from service and Web interface developers, to QA, to business analysts. By establishing a sustainable workflow where quality tasks are automatically generated, assigned, and distributed to the appropriate team members, the solution makes the entire team more productive.

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