Notes & Presentations From 4th Conference On Java 2009

The 4th Conference On Java was held on 11-12 Dec 09 in Pune. While Java software today is being used more widely than ever before, there are also a number of questions that are being asked of Java. Inline with the state of Java today, the theme for conference 09 was “Turning The Corner”. Thank you to all the delegates, speakers, sponsors & partners of IndicThreads for their support & participation.

Please find below notes & presentations from participants at conference 09. The videos will start appearing on shortly.

IndicThreads is one of the very few well done technology conferences in India. The 4th IndicThreads conference was no exception. It was a clear case of quality over quantity. There were JAVA enthusiasts from around the country, US and Japan who had gathered to attend the event. The event was also a huge Green IT initiative with a strong focus towards environment. Everything ranging from delegate kits ( packed in newspaper bags), saplings for delegates to plant, to the prizes (bicycle) was inline with the underlying theme of green.

There were a wide variety of sessions, all tying to the changing dynamics of JEE and focusing on the fact that JAVA is turning the corner. There was a strong agreement on the fact that JAVA would continue to survive and thrive as a platform, but the language per se was under a lot of threat in the web space. Success of dynamic languages such as Groovy, Ruby, JRuby have made many JAVA enthusiasts to sit up and have a look on what suits their needs the best and still be on the JVM.

src – 4th IndicThreads Conference: Turning the Corner – By Vikas Hazrati

I attended my first IndicThreads conference, fourth otherwise, in Pune last week. This local conference fits very well with “Think Globally, Act Locally” theme. The topics were quite varied ranging from Scala, Lift, Google App Engine, Android, GWT, Distributed Scrum, and of course Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3. All the speakers were well versed with the content and the audience was pretty interactive. Keeping global warming into consideration, the conference adopted the theme of Go Green. The conference setup provided a great opportunity for social networking.
src – IndicThreads Conference 2009 – Trip Report – By Arun Gupta

The annual java technology conference is Pune’s best and possibly one of India’s finest conferences on matters related to Java technologies. I looked forward to attending the same and was not disappointed a bit. The last one was held about 3 days ago on Dec 11th and 12th, and this post reviews my experiences at the same.

src – Post conference recap : 4th Conference on Java – By Dhananjay Nene

A fantastic journey to the Java world with exciting and new technologies. I am looking forward to the next year’s Java conference from now 🙂

src- What An Experience – By Vinod Kumar Kashyap

Up next is the 1st Conference On Software Quality & Software Testing & IndicThreads’ foray into the business & technology education space with IndicThreads Education.

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