Micro Focus Launches Modernization Workbench Suite

Micro Focus has announced the launch of Modernization Workbench 3.1. Modernization Workbench 3.1 delivers ‘3 products in 1’, uniting all three of Micro Focus’ Application Portfolio Management (APM) technologies to deliver a single, business-led view of an organization’s applications portfolio.

Modernization Workbench version 3.1 unites key functionality onto a single, proven foundation. Additional functionality includes:

  • Single Platform for Managers: Modernization Workbench provides the only business-centric solution for measuring and managing the application portfolio. Its integrated Enterprise View module delivers browser-based dashboards that help prioritize development projects via metrics like application cost, complexity, value, and risk.
  • Single Platform for Assessments: Modernization Workbench provides the richest technical information about your applications. Powerful queries, visualizations, and specialized assessment tools, including for platform migrations, are available.
  • Expanded Language Coverage: Modernization Workbench provides deep and now even broader language coverage. This new release expands its coverage of Java, JEE, additional job schedulers, and more.
  • Mass Change Activities: Modernization Workbench dramatically accelerates the execution of projects that require numerous changes to application code -for instance, to adhere to regulatory requirements like ICD-10.
  • Major Relational Database Support: Modernization Workbench 3.1 adds support for Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring that all three major relational databases are supported (adding to existing support for Oracle RDBMS and IBM DB2).

“Micro Focus Modernization Workbench 3.1 realizes the vision of centralized intelligence on the applications that run your business. Now global development teams can seamlessly identify and then accelerate modernization activities that make their applications more responsive to business needs. Modernization Workbench 3.1 is the definitive, most-complete APM solution on the market,” says Peter Mollins, Director of Product Marketing at Micro Focus.

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