Automated Testing Tool for Mobile Devices – TestQuest CountDown 3 Released

TestQuest CountDown enables quality assurance teams to automate tests and testing cycles across a range of operating systems and device types. TestQuest CountDown 3.0 features usability improvements, increased user productivity, and expanded support for the Android operating system.

“As OEMs offer more applications with more sophisticated functionality, mobile device manufacturers are under pressure to provide a premium user experience,” said Chris Rommel, Analyst at VDC Research. “Test automation tools are becoming increasingly critical components of comprehensive development and testing practices aimed at ensuring software quality and end-device functionality.”

Improvements to TestQuest CountDown 3.0 include:

  • Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities with a rich, multi-query driven reporting engine, and support for SQL Server 2008, enabling users to quickly view test results for multiple queries
  • Repository organization tools that allow for query based asset management and organization
  • Productivity enhancements such as the capability to quickly add new device profiles to the automation environment
  • Virtual machine support that increases scalability and reduces deployment costs by enabling multiple tests to run on multiple virtual machines at the same time
  • Interface functionality for BlackBerry devices to enable engineers to interact with devices without going through the user interface
  • Stand-alone domain access service for more secure deployments of CountDown.

TestQuest CountDown supports Android, BlackBerry, Brew MP, Symbian and Windows Phone 6 operating systems with support planned for Windows Phone 7 Series when it launches. The quality assurance team for Symbian Series 60 5th Edition leveraged TestQuest CountDown to automate tests for new capabilities such as support for high-resolution 640×360 touchscreens, standard C/C++ APIs and Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 with S60-specific ActionScript extensions.

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