Canoo Launches Revamped RIA Framework – UltraLightClient Becomes ULC Core

UltraLightClient RIA-Framework (Rich Internet Application) has been overhauled and enhanced with a series of new functions. UltraLightClient will bear the name ULC Core from now on, and forms the basis of the new Canoo RIA Suite, which will officially be released at the beginning of May.

The Highlights

  • The new Chart Functionality enables you to present even complex facts and figures clearly and simply.
  • Using the integrated Animations Framework you can develop dynamic and attractive content in future.
  • Further sophisticated graphic features allow even more attractive designs: transparency, rounded angles and the display of gradients are part of the standard package.
  • Easy integration to Google App Engine.

New Modules

  • ULC Table Plus: this package enables you to implement even the most complex tabular requirements in a rapid and straightforward manner.
  • ULC Web Integration: simply integrate any browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer into your application developed under ULC. Web services and plug-ins like Google Maps or Flash Player can thus be launched directly in the application.
  • ULC Office Integration: this ULC Core module supports the future import and export of Excel and Word files out-of-the-box. The contents can then be stored as PDF files and later printed.
  • ULC Enterprise Portal Integration: using this optional extra, existing portlet applications can be easily and efficiently augmented with ULC applications.
  • ULC Visual Editor: with the optimized visual editor you can generate your ULC applications by drag & drop even more easily and, as usual, without any manual programming effort whatsoever.
  • ULC Load: put your ULC applications though extensive load and performance tests using ULC Load. Thus you can be confident that your applications can bear up to the most rigorous demands in an operational environment.

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