Oracle Releases New Java Virtualization – Cloud Tools

Oracle has released Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option, which claim to make running Java applications in a virtualized environment easy and practical.

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is a new product designed to help organizations quickly and easily deploy multi-tier enterprise applications in virtualized environments. It also enables administrators to quickly configure and provision these applications. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder provides a framework for automatically capturing the configuration of existing software components and packaging them as self-contained building blocks known as appliances.

Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option brings together Oracle WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual Edition. This release is optimized for virtualized environments and able to deliver higher application performance and increased hardware utilization. Oracle WebLogic Server can now run directly on Oracle VM without an operating system, a unique capability enabled by Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition.

In a virtualized environment, Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition handles essential operating system functions including TCP/IP, hardware device interaction, file I/O, and process scheduling, while freeing up hardware and management resources by removing operating system capabilities that are not essential for enterprise Java applications.

Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition enhances the performance and functionality of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g in virtualized environments through improved Server Density by eliminating the operating system. Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition frees up system resources to run more application server instances on the same hardware.
Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition claims to increase the performance of virtualized Java applications by up to 30 percent compared to deployments that include an operating system.

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