SpringSource (VMware) acquires Gemstone To Manage Distributed Data On The Cloud

SpringSource, a division of VMware has acquired GemStone Systems, a provider of enterprise data management solutions.“Data management technologies are fundamental to the creation of applications, and with the rise of virtualization and cloud computing, the manner in which applications need to access data is evolving,” said Rod Johnson, general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware. “Cloud computing is a distributed deployment model, and for that reason, caching and data accessibility are of far greater strategic importance than before. We are acquiring and will integrate into the SpringSource portfolio a well-regarded set of high-performing data management solutions with GemStone.”

GemStone‘s flagship product is GemFire Enterprise, a scalable, distributed data platform that puts data where it is needed across a network to remove latency. Other GemStone products include GemFire SQLFabric, a memory-oriented SQL data management platform and GemStone/S, a platform for running distributed Smalltalk applications.

“Our vision for the future of data aligns completely with SpringSource and VMware, in that we believe modern applications are distributed and require data to be available in the fabric of the infrastructure,” said Richard Lamb, president of GemStone. “There are distributed applications–think VoIP and disaster recovery–and there are distributed deployment environments–think SpringSource’s tc Server on VMware–and now SpringSource is forging ahead with the infrastructure needed for distributed data.”

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