JRuby 1.5 Brings Improved Java Library Integration & Ruby Compatibility

JRuby 1.5 release claims to make it easier than ever for Java developers to take Ruby for a spin because of the seamless interaction it allows with commonly used Java components. JRuby provides productivity benefits to Java teams including the ability to deploy Ruby code to the same servers, use the same libraries, and integrate with existing Java code and applications that they are familiar with.

Key features in JRuby 1.5 include:

  • Tighter Java Library Integration — JRuby 1.5 delivers more efficient memory and CPU usage, enables faster development cycles
  • Improved Ruby Compatibility — JRuby 1.5 is the most Ruby-compatible release yet, which means developers can feel confident their Ruby code will ‘just work’ on JRuby
  • Improved Windows Support — JRuby 1.5 eliminates dozens of challenges to running JRuby on Windows, so Windows developers interested in Ruby can select JRuby with greater confidence

“This was our most ambitious development cycle yet — but with the fantastic support of JRuby contributors and the Java and Ruby communities — we’ve made JRuby 1.5 a release everyone deserves to be proud of,” said Charles Nutter, lead JRuby developer and co-lead of the JRuby core team at Engine Yard.

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