Port JavaME to BREW, iPhone, Android, Flash & Windows Mobile with alcheMo

Innaworks has released automated Java ME to Brew Mobile Platform application porting solution. This solution is the latest addition to Innaworks’ alcheMo product line. alcheMo is a standards-based platform for developing mobile applications in the Java language to target mobile platforms including Brew, Android, Apple’s iPhone OS, Flash Player and Windows Mobile.

“Innaworks is excited by the potential and richness of Brew MP,” said Stephen Cheng, CEO, Innaworks. “We anticipate that Brew MP will be financially lucrative for mobile application developers. With alcheMo’s support for Brew MP as our latest target platform, mobile application developers are now able to target a new revenue opportunity with a first mover advantage.”

alcheMo’s support for Brew MP is deep and broad. alcheMo is capable of converting Brew MP applications utilizing an extensive subset of Java ME CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 and supports several JSR extension APIs including the JSR-75 PIM API, JSR-75 File Connection API, JSR-135 Multimedia API, JSR-179 Location Based Services API and JSR-256 mobile sensor API.

“Because Brew MP is such a flexible OS, it has the ability to scale multiple tiers of devices, making it the ideal choice for developers looking to reach consumers on mass market smart phones,” said Mitch Oliver, vice president of ecosystem development for Qualcomm. “We selected Innaworks’ alcheMo porting solution because it provides developers with a faster and easier way to extend their reach to Brew MP and Brew devices.” alcheMo for Brew Version 3.0 is immediately available and incorporates the functionality to convert Java ME application to Brew MP.

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