Speakers & Sessions At IndicThreads Cloud Computing Conference, India

IndicThreads.com International Conference On Cloud Computing will be held on 20-,21 August in Pune, India. The conference aims to demystify cloud computing & discuss migrating & implementing cloud solutions

The conference sessions deal with topics like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, JavaEE 6 on the cloud, Cloud Security & Privacy, Google App Engine, Cloud Data Migration, SaaS, Private Clouds, Open Source Cloud Platforms, jClouds and Cloud Architecture. Speakers at the conference include well known names like Arun Gupta, Narinder Kumar, Chirag Jog, Sameer Naik, Prasad Nirantar, Vikas Hazrati, Prabodh Navare and Kalpak Shah. The keynotes at the conference will be delivered by Simone Brunozzi from Amazon & Janakiram MSV from Microsoft.

Harshad Oak, co-founder of IndicThreads, an Oracle ACE Director & Sun Java Champion says “Cloud Computing has been the most talked about topic in recent times and as with all hyped technologies, there is a lot of buzz but very little knowledge going about. Businesses are already investing heavily into a cloudy future while their teams are often clueless about the what & why of the cloud. The IndicThreads conference is an attempt to bring top notch learning on cloud computing & not only to demystify the terms & techniques but also show how migrating to the cloud can & should be executed.”

In a related note, the call for speakers for the 5th annual IndicThreads Conference on Java (Dec 2010) and for the IndicThreads Conference on Mobile Application development (Nov 2010) are still open.

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