Komodo IDE 6 Released – Supports Python 3, HTML 5, CSS 3

Komodo IDE 6 introduces a number of performance and technical improvements for faster, better development of software across a wide range of platforms and languages including popular new languages such as Python 3, HTML 5, CSS 3.

What’s New in Komodo 6?

* HTML 5 and CSS 3: Komodo 6 now supports HTML 5 and CSS 3, two very popular and fast growing markup languages.

* Extended Multi-Language Support: Komodo 6 offers debugging, syntax checking, autocomplete and code browsing for dynamic languages including the new Python 3, Perl 5.12 and Tcl 8.6.

* Database Explorer and Expanded Database Support: Komodo 6 lets users easily explore local and remote database installations, including viewing and managing data. SQLite is supported out-of-the-box, with additional easy-to-install extensions for MySQL and Oracle. Support for each database is implemented as a Komodo extension, so integration with other databases can be easily added.

* New project system for easier navigation: A new file management system called “Places” provides a customized view of a user’s file system (local or remote) and provides easy live file management operations such as file editing, drag/drop copying, creation of new files and folders, and search.

* Faster performance: Komodo 6 is based on the same Mozilla sources as Firefox 3.5, resulting in much faster performance than previous editions. Switching, opening and closing tabs is much faster, as is startup and shutdown time.

* New Upgrades and Support subscription offering: For access to automatic, ongoing product upgrades and updates, plus priority email support, ActiveState now offers an annual Upgrades and Support subscription plan for Komodo IDE customers.

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