Cloud Security: The Cloud is as Secure as you want it to be!

This session provides a technical overview of how cloud computing can be made secure across various networks architectures and deployments. This talk was presented at the 2nd Annual Conference On Upcoming Technology (Cloud Computing) held in June 2011 in Pune, India.

  • Security in public cloud deployments – data and application security: This will cover methods such as data encryption, multi tenancy, data wipeout, what type of data to place in public clouds, authentication methods.
  • Security by using public/private mix hybrid cloud deployments: This will cover using hybrid clouds effectively to segregate some portions of data in the public and some in hybrid and how a request can be moved across these. It would also cover options for enterprises to make their solutions secure.
  • Security features provided by current cloud vendors.
  • How a cloud deployer can ensure the solution they are providing is secure.

Key Takeaways: An understanding of various security solutions that developers, deployers, architects can use when using cloud computing solutions

Speaker: Debashis Banerjee is a technology professional with 12+ years of expertise in development and leading global teams in development of Cloud, Security, Internet based and Telecom products. He is currently a Senior Engineering Manager with Yahoo! India.

* Please excuse the poor video quality. It is intentionally so, to ensure that the video works fine on slow connections.


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