Oracle Launches Public Cloud Platform, Application & Social Services

Oracle had announced its plans to launch the Oracle public cloud at Openworld 2011. Larry Ellison today announced the actual launch of those cloud services. “Almost seven years of relentless engineering and innovation plus key strategic acquisitions. An investment of billions. We are now announcing the most comprehensive Cloud on the planet Earth,” said Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. Oracle’s public cloud offerings will provide customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud Platform Services

  1. Oracle Cloud Database Services to manage data and build database applications with the Oracle Database.
  2. Oracle Cloud Java Services to develop, deploy and manage Java applications with Oracle WebLogic. (FAQ)
  3. Developer Services to allow application developers to collaboratively build applications.
  4. Web Services to build Web applications rapidly using PHP, Ruby, and Python.
  5. Mobile Services to allow developers to build cross-platform native and HTML5 mobile applications for leading smartphones and tablets.
  6. Documents Services to allow project teams to collaborate and share documents through online workspaces and portals.
  7. Sites Services to allow business users to develop and maintain visually engaging .com sites
  8. Analytics Services to allow business users to quickly build and share analytic dashboards and reports through the Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Application Services

  1. Oracle Cloud ERP Services: A complete set of Financial Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, Sourcing, and Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions.
  2. Oracle Cloud HCM Services: A complete Human Capital Management solution including Global HR, Workforce Lifecycle Management, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and other solutions.
  3. Oracle Cloud Talent Management Services: A complete Talent Management solution including Recruiting, Sourcing, Performance Management, and Learning.
  4. Oracle Cloud Sales and Marketing Services: A complete Sales and Marketing solution including Sales Planning, Territory Management, Leads & Opportunity Management, and Forecasting.
  5. Oracle Cloud Customer Experience Services: A complete Customer Service solution including Web Self-Service, Contact Centers, Knowledge Management, Chat, and e-mail Management.

Oracle Cloud Social Services

  1. Oracle Social Network to enable secure enterprise collaboration and purposeful social networking for business.
  2. Oracle Social Data Services to aggregate data from social networks and enterprise data sources to enrich business applications.
  3. Oracle Social Marketing and Engagement Services to enable marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report on their social marketing campaigns.
  4. Oracle Social Intelligence Services to enable marketers to analyze social media interactions and to enable customer service and sales teams to engage with customers and prospects effectively.
  5. Oracle and Collective Intellect

Despite being a late entrant to the public cloud space, Oracle Public Cloud looks certain to shake up the space and pose a major challenge to the established players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and SalesForce.

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