Call For Speakers – 7th Annual IndicThreads Pune

The call for papers / speakers for the 7th Annual IndicThreads Pune Conference is now open. The conference will look at a wide array of software development tools & technologies in Java, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development as well as emerging technologies like Big Data, Gamification, HTML5 and many others.

IndicThreads invites submissions from subject experts across fields, geographic locations and areas of development. Topics of interest include new and groundbreaking technologies, emerging trends, successful practices and real world learning. The topics can be broadly classified into Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development,  Architecture, Design, Java Platform (Java + JVM languages), Software Quality and and Emerging Technologies.

Technical sessions that leverage your own experience & your insights work best as they provide knowledge that one cannot get from a getting started guide or documentation online.

You might want to take a look at the recently concluded IndicThreads Delhi NCR conference to get a feel for IndicThreads’ conferences.

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