Web Developer To Mobile Application Developer

With over 25 million activation in the holiday season of 2011 alone it is hard to ignore mobile application development today. Every organization, even large enterprises are looking to build small useful mobile applications for their employees on the go. This presents a huge opportunity as well as a challenge for the web / desktop application developer who now faces the dilemma of learning a highly fragmented developer space.

Rocky Jaiswal shares his experience of learning, developing and publishing a mobile app in just two weeks. He also looks at the tools available to us for mobile application development and pros and cons of each.

Session Outline :

  1. Why we need to learn mobile programming
  2. The current state of mobile programming
  3. The problem is too much choice
  4. An re-introduction to JavaScript
  5. Building applications with PhoneGap and Sencha Touch
  6. Building applications with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile

“From Web Developer To Mobile Application Developer” was presented at IndicThreads Conference, Delhi NCR, India (July 2012). Presentation – Slides


Rocky Jaiswal is a software developer with more than 9 years of experience in software analysis, design and programming. His primary area of expertise is application development using Java, Ruby and JavaScript.

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